Tea Drops Thai Tea
Tea Drops Matcha Green Tea
 *NEW* Ruby grapefruit
With just the right balance of sweet and tart, refreshing grapefruit will help beat the heat.   One of our non-creamy drink options.
*NEW* Tea Drops Thai tea 
Enjoy a Thai classic with Tea Drops Thai Tea, a lightly sweetened, dissolvable loose leaf full-bodied caffeinated green tea! 
*NEW* Tea Drops Green tea
Tea Drops full bodied tea will kick-start your morning. A lightly sweetened, dissolvable loose leaf earthy Matcha experience.
gluten free dairy free
gluten free dairy free caffeinated
gluten free dairy free caffeinated




brown sugar milk tea
coconut circle
tea in saucer
*NEW* Brown sugar milk tea 
We've combined our Classic milk tea with the deep, rich taste of brown sugar.
*NEW* Coconut 
Getting ready for the beach with this cold, creamy coconut drink.
Classic milk tea
Our most popular flavor. Made with pure tea extract, our classic milk tea is a perfect treat for any time of the day!
gluten free low lactose  caffeinated
gluten free  low lactose
gluten free  low lactose  caffeinated



thai tea peach and passion fruit lychee and mango
Thai milk tea
Made with pure tea extract, the traditional Thai beverage is one of our most popular flavors. Enjoy the authentic flavor with our premium creamer!
Peach passion
Enjoy the citrusy and juicy flavors of passion fruit and peach. One of our non-creamy drink options.
Lychee mango
The combination of mango and lychee creates a light, yet satisfying fruity drink! One of our non- creamy drink options.
gluten free low lactose  caffeinated
gluten free  dairy free
gluten free  dairy free
honeydew melon
mango drink
Honeydew milk
A bursting fruitiness of honeydew flavor mixed with creamy richness of milk. Tastes just like a juicy honeydew dessert!
Mango milkshake
Taste the heavenly sweetness of a juicy ripe mango, richly blended with our premium creamer. Refreshing yet totally satisfying!
Taro milk
One of our most popular flavors. The richness of our sweet taro flavor is totally addictive!
gluten free low lactose 
gluten free low lactose
gluten free low lactose
Unknown Flavor
green tea frapp circle 
chocolate bar
Tell us if we are missing your favorite flavor!
Green tea frapp
Made with real matcha powder. The flavor resembles the rich, creamy taste of a Starbucks green tea frapp.
Fancy some chocolate with your boba? Try our chocolate flavor for a perfectly sweet and bitter ice chocolate - pure heaven for chocolate lovers!
gluten free caffeinated
gluten free low lactose caffeinated


gluten free Gluten free
dairy free Dairy free
low lactose Low lactose: Our low lactose options are a milk derivative, which has very low lactose levels. Safe for individuals with lactose-intolerance. Should be avoided by individuals with dairy allergy.
Caffeinated Caffeinated

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